Get your kids Tech Free when traveling!

We at @kidsgoplaces are passionate about travelling places, seeing new things, making memories to last a lifetime and having experiences together. In addition to this, we try to make sure the kids are as tech free as possible. A passion shared by @kidsgoadventures.

Wilson's Arch, Utah, USA Credit:  @kidsgoplaces

Wilson's Arch, Utah, USA Credit: @kidsgoplaces

We are in the technology age and you may think this would be difficult. But it’s actually easier than you think. We love a good road trip and regularly set off for new destinations. The most we have ever done was 12hrs in a car through California and will regularly do 6-8hrs. And this is TECH FREE!!! The kids have no ipads, no phones nor DVD players. We do it old school! And it was the best decision we ever made.

The first road trip we did, we were all technologically geared up with ipads and dvd players. But found the arguments, fights and tantrums that ensued after use were seriously not worth it. When the battery ran out, it was the end of the world! And then they were super grumpy and the fights with each other would start.

We have found such peace by taking away these items all together. We can have quiet in the car while the kids stare out the window actually seeing a destination instead of another game on their ipad. Like we did when we were kids and we turned out all right!!

Snow Pine Walk, Laurel Hill, NSW, Australia Credit:  @kidsgoplaces

Snow Pine Walk, Laurel Hill, NSW, Australia Credit: @kidsgoplaces

Of course the kids still have their moments, they are kids after all! But they are not anywhere near the level we used to experience after technology. While technology is super important for this generation, I believe they learn enough and will get enough experience at school. It doesn’t need to be everywhere. Just let kids be kids.

I want my children to remember the places we visit and part of that means watching the world go by as we drive. I doubt the games they played on the ipad will be a lasting and special memory of their childhood. One of the best comments my daughter ever made was when she told me she liked just staring out of the window now and sees more of where we are. As a parent, this couldn’t have made me happier.

Country Australia, Moonbah, NSW Credit:  @kidsgoplaces

Country Australia, Moonbah, NSW Credit: @kidsgoplaces

What do they do for 8hrs you ask? Aside from staring out the window! They sing, they draw, they play, they eat, they rest! They have reading books, activity books, colouring books, teddies and toys. We always have plenty of snacks on hand with a big bag that sits in front of them and within easy reach from the front. The kids earn money before trips and will buy themselves an activity and/or toy that gets saved for the trip so it’s new and fresh and they are eager to play with it. They will also buy toys or activities along the way from special places we visit like a bag of animal toys from the zoo which always keeps them entertained for hours. We have a beanie boo from every trip we’ve done!

Mstr L picked up this cute teddy on the way to The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  Credit:  @kidsgoplaces

Mstr L picked up this cute teddy on the way to The Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Credit: @kidsgoplaces

It’s just a matter of them getting used to it and not knowing any other way. It IS possible. I think around 5yrs old is a great age to start. It only took one road trip for our kids to get used to going tech free. So I hope this inspires you to give it a go and get rid of that technology when you travel for good. I admit the only exception for us is on a plane flying internationally, where it’s inflight entertainment all the way!! ;)


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