How fearless kid-free adventures can help your family time

In my mind, I couldn’t get past the idea that they could hurt me. I have never been fond of livestock in the sense that I have never been around them really as a child so I don’t know how to behave around them. The large animals are truly magical in so many ways but I usually prefer a fence between us. These cows saw things differently. They could have cared less…And I really wish I had gotten a picture of them as I passed because it was like staring at the Mona Lisa. Their eyes never gazed away from me and mine theirs. But, the dogs and I passed them up just fine on the trail.

Halverson Lake in Melba Idaho with rocks all around and pretty dry scenery in the winter. Blue skies with wispy clouds.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a kid-free hike. Around my house, those days are few and far between. For that, there are a couple reasons. We tend to always go on adventures as a family unit (unless you are my husband, and thats another story for another day) but I had been itching to get outside so badly that I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I tend to NEVER go on adventures without at least one person and especially a new place that I had never been exploring before. So for this trip, I decided to look up what kind of adventures I could handle on my own and what adventures I thought I could do with my dogs in tow. Because let’s be honest, its always nicer with SOMEONE to go with and my dogs totally count.

Hiking path along the Snake River in Idaho not he way to Halverson Lake. Pretty dry surroundings with rocks and mountain cliffs alongside the river. Icy puddles and wispy clouds in the sky.

I find that once I get outside, once I am by myself to think and once I am sure I can handle an adventure, everything just falls into place. And this adventure was no different. Breathing the fresh air and seeing those clear blue skies, all my worries fell away. The worries about my kids not doing well in school and the worries that I am not a great mom and the anxiety of moving to a new place and making new friends- it all takes a toll on my brain. But, when I am outdoors, absorbing all the things nature can offer, I am a free minded person. All I can think about is how I’m so happy my jacket is keeping me warm and how I am so happy that I came on this adventure. I burst through the fear of doing something on my own and I DID IT. Just for ME.

When I got home, I was so excited to tell the kids about this new place I had discovered, how I was so brave to walk past those cows (even thought they could have cared less about me) and how I couldn’t wait to take them there on a family adventure as a family unit. And they are excited too.

Winding path along the hiking trail to Halverson Lake. No people around and just rocks and dry ground.Wispy clouds in the blue sky.

So instead of a night where I was yelling at them for not doing homework or not getting their chores done, we had a nice dinner, some nice conversation and it helped end our day well. The other stuff will still come but at least I know I did my best int he moments that I had to be real and talk with them about my fears and my joys and our successes as a family. It’s so important to me that I get some “me time” in so that I can bond with my kids over not just how important it is to treat yourself with respect, but also to let them know that self-care is important. And that my friends, is how we learn as a family to be better people overall so we can be better together.

Adventure on,


Edited to add on 2/12/19: Several people have asked me where this is located and so I thought I would explain. This is located in Idaho just outside of Celebration Park. Halverson Lake Trail.

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