Is the T.V. splitting families apart?

“I called that spot!” she yelled to her brother. “No I called that spot. You got it last night!” he replied back.” No one EVER wanted to sit between mom and dad on the bed. There just wasn’t enough room. But no matter where we sat on the bed we could still all see the T.V. clearly.

I read this article once that stated that the invention of the television was just the beginning of our downfall as a society. The article went on to say that once the T.V. was a staple in every house, it then became a staple to have more than one.And because of that, families were getting split apart. I wish I knew what article it was so that I could reference it here but thats a no-go. It took me a while to see what the article was talking about but the other day I had this epiphany.

When my kids were younger, we had one television. The only reason we had only one T.V. was because one of our T.V.s had broken and we couldn’t afford another one. Furthermore, we didn’t have paid cable or satellite TV at the time either. Again, we just couldn’t afford it. But the one thing we did have was movies. We had so many movies. Our DVD and VHS players (am I dating myself?) worked just fine. And because of this, it became our entertainment to watch movies all the time. When we weren’t out doing things for work or for extra curricular activities, all we had to watch was our movies.

At the time our children were still young enough that if they sit on our queen sized bed with us, we could all actually fit. There was an everlasting argument about who got to sit between mom and dad and who got to sit at the end of the bed, but once the movie actually got started, we were comfortable and content. We watched everything from Disney movies to Marvel adventures to horse dramas. And we always called it “movie night”. Every night was “movie night” back then. This lasted for more than one year.

Fast forward to today and we have a few changes. We now have two televisions, we have the same bed, but the four of us can’t even THINK about fitting on it together anymore. And because of that, we can’t watch our movies together the way we used to. There is no way to lay on the floor and see the T.V. and still be comfortable. And if one child lays on the end of the bed they have to lay super flat or else no one else can see the T.V. at all. We have satellite T..V. now so movies are not your only way to pass the time when its too cold to go outside or late at night. Needless to say, movie nights are sort of at a stand still.

So what do we do? My husband sits next to me on the bed while we watch what we want and our kids are downstairs watching what they want (and arguing about it the whole time). Could we make something work where we spend more time together, even if its a little uncomfortable? Sure we could. But we don’t. That article s DEAD ON. The invention of the T.V. has split us apart. Even though it took us a while, there is no more watching movies together and no more laughter. No more enjoyment in the things we liked to do together while laying on the bed.

Family time is few and far between these days. I’m trying so hard to get us together once a week for a game night and once a week for a hike. We also make an effort to eat dinner together every night possible. And this year, so far, we’ve been successful in that. However, as the kids get even older, I know we will face new challenges. Getting them on the same page now is only going to grow us in the future. What do you enjoy doing with your family? Bonus if you have teens and you can shoot me ideas. I’d love to hear them!

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