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Breaking the technology habit starts with you

More and more often these are becoming “bad” words when you talk about parenting. You see kids glued to screens and the memes about Fortnite. Pediatricians and teachers are encouraging less screen time and more play time. It’s easy to feel the parent guilt for the days when you just need that time when you can get things accomplished and the electronics come out. I am as guilty as the rest of them. (Working from home is hard!)

Our 25 Tech Free Ways to Enjoy the Fall Season with Kids

It's early September here in the mountains of Colorado and the cool air of Autumn has begun to creep in. The first kiss of fall is starting to show on the aspen trees and our chacos are slowly being replaced by rain boots and wool socks. As the earth begins its big descend into the colder months, it is easy to want to turn inward and prepare to hibernate yourself. Motivation for outdoor adventure can lag as warm, cozy blankets begin calling your name. This, coupled with the increase in gear it takes

Making the memories we want to remember

Hi! I'm Courtney! I'm a Taurus and love long walks in the rain, but that's probably not helpful. I am a wife to an amazing guy and a mama to seven. I am an Alaskan living in Northern California and adventuring runs in my blood, though maybe you could guess that by the fact that I have an army of kids. It's sink or swim up in this joint, so it's safe to say it's never boring around here. 

Why I'm an Outdoors Mama: How I get the kids outside, and reap the rewards all day

Why I'm an Outdoors Mama: How I get the kids outside, and reap the rewards all day

I was inspired to start my blog, Outdoors Mama, because I love to spend time outside with my boys, and I definitely see the benefits for them, not just in the moments we are outside, but infused all through our days and lives. When friends saw our Instagram photos of hiking or biking, they'd often say, "I'd love to do that with my kids more, but it looks so hard. I don't know how to get started."  And that gave me my mission.

Do I really have the audacity to be nervous? | Kids Outdoor Community

Every time I sit down to write some words for you (my audience), I get nervous. Nervous that what I have to say won't be important to you or nervous that you won't find value in this community. Recently, I have joined a business group that helps answer my questions and helps me power through my challenges and growing pains that all businesses go through. I WANT to be the face of this business and I WANT people to see me as the authority in what I'm talking about. And believe me when I say- I have a lot of experience when it comes to the ideas that I bring forth and the activities that I will share, but that doesn't make me any less nervous to